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Week long Bank Holiday

LifePosted by Christian Mark Taylor Wed, May 29, 2013 18:06:57

After a hectic start to the year I managed to get a belated Easter break and took last week off work. It was all very strange having not very much to do all day, but I still found myself waking up early most days rather annoyingly. For the first few days I did some house chores and went for a couple of long runs, which was probably too much because I picked up a calf strain and didn’t run again for the rest of the week.

It was great to watch sport on the TV as it is very rare that I get to watch the cycling, so for 3 days I watched the Giro. What a fantastic result by Mark Cavendish to win the points table and pick up the converted Red Jersey after winning the last stage and claiming 5 stage wins in total. I have no doubt that the Manx Missile will go down in history as the greatest ever sprinter, overtaking his idol Eddie Merckx. The Tour is next and I am sure he will add to his tally of 23 stage wins in that. What will be interesting is to see if Wiggins has recovered from his chest infection and who will go for the GC for SKY, Wiggo or Froome Dog?

Anyway after that sporting excitement my Bank Holiday weekend was spent in Newquay with friends, where I had enormous fun learning to surf the waves. Needless to say I was too enthusiastic and after nearly 3 hours of constant paddling, standing, falling and then swimming back out again, my arms were next to useless and I had a bruised chin and ribs. I did come away with a great wet suit tan though!

So, it is now back to London and it comes as no surprise to see it raining. Sadly my birthday didn’t fall very well this year as it was my first day back in work. I was running a breakfast meeting the following day so I didn’t finish until late preparing for that. C’est le vie.

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