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The Special One Return’s?

SportPosted by Christian Mark Taylor Wed, May 01, 2013 22:21:44

I remember when Mourinho was manager of Chelsea and you cannot deny they were a special team back in 2004/6, but how much of that was down to the manager? I believe Mourinho was the key to Chelsea’s success and lets face it they have struggled to be consistent ever since.

I have to say consistent because the heroic performance of Di Matteo is undeniable and bringing home the European Cup is a hell of an achievement. So why did Abramovich appoint Rafael Benitez to the job instead of Di Matteo? Only he will know but appointing Benitez is probably the second biggest mistake Abramovich has made, the first being to allow Mourinho to depart in 2007.

Although Chelsea are doing well this season they are not exceptional like they were under Mourinho's tenure.

2003/4 - 2nd

2004/5 - 1st

2005/6 - 1st

2006/7 - 2nd

2007/8 - 2nd

Lets face it his record is brilliant at Chelsea, winning 124 from 185 games.

I think with Benitez off in the summer and Mourinho saying he will leave Real Madrid for a place that loves him. It will be a good summer if you are a Chelsea Fan, the ‘Special One’ is coming home.

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