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Easter Break - Working harder than ever

LifePosted by Christian Mark Taylor Thu, April 25, 2013 16:45:42
Back after a rather long Easter break, however I wish I could say that I have been on holiday all that time. Unfortunately for me I only had one week off for Easter and then I have been thrown into the depths of work as the rest of my department had a belated 2 weeks off. It might be prudent to point out that my department consists of 2 people, which means I have been flying solo for the last two weeks. Normally that would not be an issue, but with a CEO dinner last week and a huge dinner taking place next week, with several international engagements, dinners and visit programmes coming up in the next few weeks, it has been ridiculously busy. Trying to get dietary requirements and vehicle details is a time consuming exercise, when I really need to be organising visit programmes, booking hotels and vehicles and trying to get invitations sent out to Ambassadors. But, it has all run smoothly and we are on track to achieving everything on time. I’ve had to schedule a 90 min meeting on Monday so that I can bring my colleague up to speed with developments, but after that it should be back to the normal pace. I now have to see what stories to look at. I was going to write a short piece on Margaret Thatcher and the funeral as that is probably the headline story of the last two weeks, but I feel like that ship has sailed. We all know she was a divisive woman, she did many admirable things under her premiership, but she also did some abhorrent ones as well. In the end we are Thatcher’s children, or grandchildren in my case. This should not be confused with being a Thatcherite, what it means is that we all now live in an economic country that was created by Thatcher. Subsequent PMs, Governments and Parties all agree and continued those policies in the main. The far right and far left came together to create the centre ground and now we all just sit to left or just to right of centre. Thatcher has gone and the things she did were 30 years ago, we have a generation that didn’t even know who she was! It is time to move on and let the dusty pages of history take over.

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