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Afghan interpreters can come to the UK

InternationalPosted by Christian Mark Taylor Wed, May 22, 2013 13:53:50

This should never have been an issue in the first place and I am glad to see that our Afghan interpreters have been given the right to live in the UK. It was embarrassing that we were the only country that was not honouring our commitment to these people.

Our interpreters put their lives on the line every day and we cannot ignore our duty of care towards them. If their identities were discovered they and their families would not be safe once we left. They committed themselves to help us, so we should commit ourselves to helping them for their years of service. This duty of care is essential if we ever hope to have interpreters in the future.

With the amount of immigration we see every year, I believe these 600 interpreters, who have proven themselves, are the kind of individuals we should support coming into our country.

Well done for making the right decision in the end!

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Trying to understand Italian Politics

InternationalPosted by Christian Mark Taylor Fri, March 08, 2013 13:12:03

When I read this article in the Telegraph I was suddenly thinking what is going to happen to the recent elections in Italy now that Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced to a year in prison? But as I read I was shocked to read, “The verdict carries no impact on Mr Berlusconi’s eligibility to participate in a new government”!

Apparently under Italian sentencing guidelines, anyone over 75 who is sentenced to less than two years doesn’t actually have to go to prison!

I am in two minds about this. I can see the point of view that for a lesser crime, what purpose would it serve to send an over 75 year old to prison. But then a crime is a crime and the court sentenced him to prison, if it really was a lesser crime why was he not given a suspended prison sentence instead?

With the last elections in stalemate and with no party willing to form a coalition, it looks highly likely the Italians will have to go back to the polls although Mario Monti disagrees with this. With the financial difficulties Italy has, someone needs to be in charge to make the decisions! Berlusconi has a track record having been Prime Minster 3 times, and since his party came second in the latest election, there is a distinct possibility he could win a new election. We could then see the bizarre situation whereby Italy has a serving and convicted Prime Minster, at the same time!

I would think that once found guilty you are automatically banned from being an elected official. Lets not forget he was found guilty and sentenced to four years in Oct 2012 for tax avoidance. But he wasn’t jailed because the conviction was quickly dropped to only one year meaning the 75 years of age ruling came into affect again. So does that mean he is in fact currently double convicted?!

It will be interesting to see what the Italian people do and whether Il Popolo della Libertà party continues to support him. One thing is sure, the markets do not like uncertainties, which can be seen in the Italian 10 year Bond Yields. Italy needs to a strong government sooner as later maybe even worse.

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