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23-24 Feb 2013 - AAA Sports

Weekend StoryPosted by Christian Mark Taylor Sun, February 24, 2013 16:24:28
It has been a AAA weekend for sport where I am concerned.

My home football team, The Blades, pulled off a fantastic result at Bournemouth to win 1 - 0 to go top of the table on 60 points. There are still 15 games to go, so 45 points still on offer so anything can happen yet.

It was also great to see British Cycling doing so well at the UCI World Track Cycling Championships. Nine medals, five of which were gold and ending up top of the table was a great achievement. I think the stand out performance was from the young, and relatively unknown, 20 year old Simon Yates in the Points Race. What a wise head and watched every move, picking exactly the right breakaway, that secured him the lap and the 20 point bonus. But everything went down to the final sprint on the last lap, where he saved his energy and then came from the back like ballistic missile to grab 3rd place in the final sprint and the 2 points to get him 1st place with an overall 35 points, probably to the disbelief of the Spaniard Eloy Teruel, who had lead for most of the race!

The highlight of the weekend for me though was the 6 Nations match between England and France at Twickenham. France were dominating during the first half and England were playing well to contain them. However in the second half France make some shocking subs, taking off their number 10 (Trinh-Duc) who was easily their best player. That changed the game and England took the upper hand and ended up winning comfortably 23 - 13. For me this was the title deciding game, no disrespect to Italy but England should beat them at Twickenham as it is known as the Fortress. That then leaves the final game against Wales, but with England's already high points difference (17 more than Wales) even if Wales win it will not be enough to take the title.

Our economy may not have a AAA credit rating anymore (it was going to happen sooner or later and I am amazed we held it off for so long), but our Sports are still first class.

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